Monday, July 27, 2009

Sprint sends money!

In today's mail I got my $100 rebate check from Sprint. For a rebate, that was pretty good turnaround. It was 30 days ago (to the day) that I mailed in the completed rebate form. Terms of the rebate were that you must have the phone under contract for 30 days, so the earliest they would have sent the rebate was July 6th. Given that I was not at the head of the line, this was good service.

Of course, I would have been much better off if Sprint had just deducted the $100 up front! And the State of Michigan gets to keep an extra $6 in sales tax this way, too. So, my net cost for the Pre itself was actually $217.99, (and $74.19 for the Touchstone, and another $15.90 for an extra USB retractable travel cable.). Bottom line total is over $300 ($308.08).

So what's new: my budget for smartphone devices is $150/year. And service of $600-$800/year.

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