Friday, June 26, 2009

Cell phones -- the call-droppers! or Why we still have a land line

One of the most annoying things about cell phones are calls that get dropped in the middle. This seems to plague me at home in front of my computer most of all (actually not surprising when you consider how much radio noise is emitted by electronics). But that's where I make many calls, responding to voice-mail or e-mail, when a conversation is needed, or following up on bills or service requests.

So, I was pleased that the Pre seemed to suffer less from this plague than my Treo 700p, even though they are both on Sprint. During a couple weeks of use, I think I've only had one dropped call. But, I did miss a few incoming calls which showed up a voice mail a few minutes later.

The iPhone on AT&T also suffered a dropped call. Ironically, it was when I was using it to call Palm about a wierd e-mail glitch on the Pre. The Palm support service was pretty good, until I realized I was talking to a dead line.

Maybe we'll have to get one of those "pico-cells" to boost reception in the house.

So that is why I generally make important support service calls or inquiries using our land line. It's basic local service that costs around $20 a month (including all taxes, surcharges, and fees!!). Long distance is four cents a minute (I think), but I haven't made a toll call for over 5 years.

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