Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Standing in Line" at AT&T

Out here in the middle, things are pretty quiet for Apple & Palm hysteria. Maybe it was the overnight rain or maybe it's "these troubled times" (especially here in Michigan).

On Friday morning, June 19th (iPhone 3G S Day!), I went to the the local AT&T store at 8:30am, expecting to stand in line. There was NO LINE! I strolled in and was greeted by 6(!) salespeople. One escorted me to the counter where one of 4 cashiers signed me up for an iPhone 3G S. I was out the door by 8:45, BEFORE the stated "open to the public" hour of 9 am. Pre-order customers were served starting at 7 am, but the sales folk admitted it had been pretty quiet. There were only three or four other customers browsing in the store when I left.

Quite a contrast to the big cities on the coasts, and to a year ago, and especially two years ago.

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